This morning, Nintendo uploaded a short video of founder Shigeru Miyamoto and Universal Creative‘s Mark Woodbury speaking about the partnership between the two companies. It’s happening – Nintendo world’s are coming to Universal Parks and Resorts.

Welcome to my childhood dreams of hanging out with Mario, talking shit with Toad and punching Bowser right in his stupid face. You better believe I will deliver the beat down on him. 
Originally announced for Universal Studios Japan last year, this morning’s video confirms the joyous Nintendo themed parks will be appearing in their Hollywood and Orlando studios also. 
The possibilities are both endless and piss-pantsingly exciting. Imagine hurling banana peals at ya mum in real-life Mario Kart or flipping the bird to a mascot Waluigi for being a shitty character with no likeable qualities. 
Work yourself up real good by watching the video below, complete with one of Miyamoto’s absolute classic goofy closers. Bless him. 
Source: Nintendo.
Photo: Mario Party 10.