A fortnight after revealing honest-to-God Super Nintendo World theme parks will be sprouting like mushrooms across the planet, the legendary company has revealed concept art for its Osaka venture.

Look, we’re trying to stay chill about the whole deal, but if the Universal Studios Japan collab turns out anything as amazing as this first look, we’ll be doing far more than 1UP-ing:

As you’d reasonably expect, feverish fans have been dissecting that artwork to figure out what the parks may entail. 

Some CSI-level enhancing reveals the park’s aesthetics take a lot from the Mario franchise:

While the proposed architecture is certainly in the vein of that plumbing platformer, Nintendo said the parks will 100% feature rides and attractions based on other titles in their stable. 

Just think about how ridiculously wild a Metroid attraction would be. Hell, we’re frothing at the concept of a physical Smash Brothers arena. 

Remember how we said we’re trying to stay chill? Our attempts are failing. Miserably.

The park is one of three, with expansions planned in Hollywood and Orlando. It’s slated to open in time for the 2020 Olympics, hosted in Tokyo. Imagine visiting the Wii Fit exhibit alongside some of the world’s fittest people, hey. 

Anyway, have a look at the hi-res artwork right here, and ask yourself why this concept hasn’t come to life already.


Source: Polygon.
Photo: Nintendo of America / Twitter.