Get Ready To Rip Skids With Yr Mates ’Coz The Mario Kart Mobile Game Is Multiplayer Now

mario kart mobile

The beloved Mario Kart Tour mobile game has officially been given a multiplayer mode, so get ready to get your ass kicked by all of those friends you swore you’d beat.

When Nintendo announced they were bringing Mario Kart to iPhone and Android last year, I quite frankly lost my fucking mind. But half of the fun of Mario Kart is playing against your mates, so it wasn’t long before the game got lost in the endless pile of unplayed games on my phone.

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Thankfully, our prayers have been answered because the game finally has a multiplayer mode, and it costs $0 to get your grubby little hands on it.

To access the multiplayer function, you’ve just gotta unlock at least one cup, which is super easy to do.

After spending a majority of a Melbourne-Sydney drive completely immersed in this game, I can safely say it’s pretty close to the real thing. The game’s shortcomings can easily be ignored when you remember that you spent precisely $0 and *maybe* two minutes of your life downloading it.

Whether you’re a Princess Peach kinda gal or you’ve always been down to rip a skid as Yoshi, you can now drag race your friends without having to fork out hundreds of dollars for a Nintendo console.

Who doesn’t love a good iPhone game, even if it isn’t *quite* as good as the real thing. But it’s 2020 and sometimes you’ve gotta be an adult and spend your money on a vacuum and a 36-pack of toilet paper and you can’t justify $400 on a Nintendo Switch. It’s a sad reality, but a reality nonetheless.

The news comes after the incredible announcement that Universal Studios Orlando is set to open a Super Nintendo World in 2023, following in the footsteps of the upcoming Universal Japan park.

Mario Kart Tour is the first time a Mario Kart game has been released on something other than a Nintendo console, which hopefully brings us a step closer to getting Nintendogs on iPhone (iTendogs???).

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