Chuck Some Red Shells At Yr Responsibilities ‘Coz Mario Kart Tour Is Out Next Month

Drop everything because that Mario Kart iPhone game just got a release date. The iPhone version of the classic racing game will be available for download on September 25, so mark your calendars.

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Mario Kart Tour was meant to be available in March this year. But obviously Nintendo didn’t want to release anything that wasn’t perfect, so they pushed the release date back a few months.

The app seems pretty similar to the cult fave console game, so you can race your favourite characters like Yoshi and Princess Peach around the tracks to be the ultimate racing king or queen. But now you can do it anywhere with the convenience of a mobile game.

Courses are designed to look like major cities like Tokyo and New York, and will rotate every two weeks so you don’t get bored.

The game will set you back precisely $0 to play, unless you choose to pay the micro transactions for the extra content. And trust me, I’m sure my bank account will be filled with me spending real life cash on outfits for Princess Peach or a new kart for Toad. Don’t worry, I hate me too.

iPhone games are addictive as all hell, but mobile games by gaming giants like Nintendo are even better.  I’m sure Mario Kart Tour will ruin my life as much as Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Super Mario Run did.

We’re yet to receive that rumoured Legend of Zelda mobile game we’ve all been waiting patiently for, but I can forgive that because now I can drain my phone battery on the train by ripping fat skids on Rainbow Road every day.

If you’re as obsessed with ridiculously iPhone games as I am, you can even sign up on the website to get notified as soon as its available for download.

Now if only Nintendo could answer our prayers and release an iPhone version of Nintendogs.

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