A huge security flaw in gay dating app, Grindr, may have exposed the actual identities of millions of its users. According to The Sun, the leak could have even exposed those who opted out of sharing data altogether.

“One could, without too much difficulty or even a huge amount of technological skill, easily pinpoint a user’s exact location,” said cybersecurity expert, Trever Faden, who created a website called C*ckblocked.

The site allows users to see who blocked them on Grindr, but shockingly, Faden discovered that he was also able to access users’ unread messages, deleted photos, email addressed and even locational data.

“There are a million reasons why you might not want someone to find your location through Grindr, and Grindr is dealing with that as a non-issue,” said security researcher, Cooper Quintin. “They’re putting people’s lives at risk by doing that.”

Grindr has said in a statement that they’re aware of the issue and has since closed the security loophole. The company also went on to warn users about using their login details on third-party apps or websites.

It’s another timely reminder to be careful with your personal data online, folks. In the wake of so many data breaches recently, it’s pretty clear that no platform is free from danger.

Source: News.com.au
Image: Getty Images / Thomas Trutschel