A YouTuber Everyone Thought Was Dead Has Admitted He Faked Terminal Illness

A popular YouTuber who made videos centring around the game Team Fortress 2 has returned to the platform after faking his own death in 2015.

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The content creator, known as Sketchek, told his fans via a video that he was “very ill” and that his health was deteriorating, leading them to believe he was dying. No one had heard from him since the last video was posted in 2015.

Yesterday, Sketchek posted a new video titled “謝罪” which is Japanese for “Apology”. The clip is essentially him explaining why he decided to fake his own death, apologising for doing it, and hoping that his fans can look past what he calls a “sick joke” and enjoy his new content.

About three years ago, I announced that I had contracted a non-specific terminal illness. I want everyone to know that was a lie. It was a sick joke, it was a ruse. I was never ill, not even a little bit. You might say that I was mentally ill because I thought it would be fun to convince a lot of people that care about me that I would fucking die, but I’ve been feeling really bad about it lately, I can no longer bear the weight of my sins. Which is why I’ve decided to come out with the truth and apologize for lying. So I am sorry.

He continues by saying he doesn’t “really have an excuse,” and that he enjoys the “feeling of taking someone for a ride,” admitting that he “took it a bit too far this time”.

You can see the video for yourself below.

Sketchek also tweeted out on the 6th of February from an account attributed to him, with fans wondering what was going on.


Some have forgiven the YouTuber for his actions, admiring his honesty in coming out with the truth.

Others have slammed him for a joke that really isn’t funny, pointing out that he should have just told the truth from the beginning.





Sketchek has since removed the videos referring to his fake illness from 2015, but a few channels have uploaded them elsewhere.

“Christ this hits hard,” one user commented on a re-upload late last month. “Hearing him talk about his illness and hearing someone who is dying who also spent a lot of time on games tell you it’s not worth it. Jeez this was touching.”

The YouTuber is aiming to get back into creating videos for TF2.