A Guy Who Made Cheats For ‘GTA’ Has To Cough Up $300K In Damages & Fees

A bloke in Florida who made cheats for GTA Online has been found guilty by default by a New York district court for copyright infringement. The man has been ordered to pay more than $300,000 AUD in costs.

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Jhonny Perez is the creator of Elusive, a program which allowed GTA Online players to generate unlimited currency, spawn high-tier vehicles, and pretty much anything else you can think of. As reported by Torrent Freak, the parent company of Rockstar Games, Take-Two, ordered old mate to stop selling and distributing Elusive, which he did, but then disappeared completely.

Essentially, Take-Two wanted to see how much money Perez made from Elusive and whether they could come to a settlement without having to take the case to court, but the team never heard back, so they went ahead with the lawsuit.

Perez didn’t show up to defend himself in court, so it ruled in favour of the game publisher by default. “Take-Two has been irreparably harmed by Mr. Perez’s infringing conduct,” the court said. “The Infringing Program harms Take-Two’s reputation for maintaining its gaming environment, discouraging users from future purchases and gameplay.”

The result of all this is that Perez now has to pay $US150,000 in damages to Take-Two, as well as $US66,868 in legal fees, adding up to an eye-watering total of $US216,868, or about $305,000 AUD at the time of writing.

There’s no word on whether Perez has surfaced since the ruling, but either way, he’s probably not having a very good time.