PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Bendigo Bank to introduce Insurance4That, an affordable single item insurance service. Read on to find out how you could score a new Samsung Galaxy S9+.

If you’re like me and you tend to lose your phone at least once a year, telling your mates that you’ve lost it is usually met with a collective groan followed by someone saying, “Sort your life out, you’re a hot bloody mess.” Shut your face, Paul.

However, what if I told you that in exchange for your best ‘lost phone’ story, you could score a Samsung Galaxy S9+? At long last, years of being an absolute trainwreck could finally pay off.

So in 25 words or less, simply tell us the weirdest place you’ve ever left or found your phone. I’m talking, found-it-in-the-sewer type weird.

WIN: We Are Giving Away A Swanky S9+ To Replace The Phone You Lost / Smashed

If you’re done with that wreckless life and want to take the next step towards being a responsible adult, it might be time to look into insurance.

As insurance can get exy, Bendigo Bank has a service called Insurance4That, which offers single item insurance for any of your personal belongings for less than $1 a week. This can be anything from your phone, tablet or laptop to musical instruments or even antiques (if you’re the fancy kind).

What’s even handier is that you can opt-in for accidental damage and/or theft, so if there is a slight mishap, you’re (usually) covered. Best double check the terms and conditions though just to be safe.

Welcome to adulthood.

See terms and conditions here.