WATCH: Snorlax Triggers Immense Stampede of Taiwanese Pokemon GO Users

Pokemon GO seems to have lost a bit of its sheen here in Australia, so it’s easy to forget that some countries are only just experiencing the joys of menacing entire neighbourhoods in the name of rare Poke-mans.
While the carnage of Rhodes in Sydney is still fresh in our minds (never forget), it has absolutely jack on the stampedes happening in Taiwan

Look at this shit! Taiwanese Poke-hype is clearly nek level.
The commotion was allegedly caused by a sneaky bloody Snorlax that appeared in the Xinbeitou District, prompting swathes of maniacs to run full pelt towards it because Snorlax
Probs didn’t need to run though, it’s not like he’s a fast on his feet. The poor fella probably just wanted to have a snooze. Rude.
Don’t let the pictures convey the madness, suss the videos below for the full experience. It’s quite the sight. 

Source: Kotaku.
Image: YouTube.

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