Japan’s Holding A Pokémon Election, Which Flogs A Double Dissolution Hey

If there was ever a reason to research the Japanese political system – apart from finding out why their parliament is called a ‘diet’, or trying to discover whether this viral and hallucinogenic history lesson is full of shit – it’s to determine if the results of the upcoming Pokémon election hold any legal weight. God, we certainly hope so. 

According to the compendium of anime knowledge Crunchyroll, tomorrow marks the first day of the largest ever Poké-poll. Fans will be able to cast a vote for any of the 720* (!!!) existing critters, and the highest-polling pocket monster will eventually made available as a Gameboy download to audiences of the upcoming Poké-film.

Of course, the stakes are much, much higher than mere downloads; while other polls have been conducted in the past, this is the first time every single one of ’em has been a running candidate. Think of the data we can gain here: will the original generation curry more favour? Will Water types form political alliances with Fighting against the bastards from Dragon? Will we finally recognise that Pikachu ain’t all that? 

Anyway, if you want to escape from Australia’s political landscape and engage in some real democracy, the vote runs until 8 May, and the winner – the very best, that no-one ever was – will be coronated on 7 June. We’re holding out for Meowth with Wobbuffet as a deputy, just quietly – you just know they’ve been pulling the strings this whole time. 

*Minus the new bloke Volcanion, the subject of the new film. Just letting you know. 

Source: Crunchyroll. 
Photo: Pokemon The Movie XY & Z.