Valve Is Teasing Something Called ‘Index’ & It Looks Like A New VR Headset

It looks like PC gaming company, Valve, is gearing up to release a new VR headset. Teased via an image on the Steam store today, it looks like the device is going to be called The Valve Index.

[jwplayer ufxzSg8Y]

Details are pretty scarce otherwise, but it seems as though Valve is creating this on its own, as opposed to its original headset, the Vive, which made in partnership with HTC.

Underneath the image of what is clearly a headset, it says “upgrade your experience” but what that means is pretty vague. The headset appears to contain two front cameras/sensors and looks much sleeker than the Vive but again, there’s not much to base that on just yet.

According to a few rumours swirling around, Valve could be looking to bundle the new headset with its Knuckles EV3 controllers, which track hand and finger movement, along with A Half-Life VR game.

I don’t wanna get too excited about the possibility of closure in the Half-Life universe, but it seems like Valve is only ever comfortable releasing a major Half-Life game when it’s backed by exciting new technology. Half-Life 2 was one of the first games to have a groundbreaking physics system in place when it launched in 2004.

Either way, we’ll know more in May, as the teaser suggests. Given April Fools Day is tomorrow in the US, I doubt this is a joke, but I guess we’ll see.