A High School Turned The Original ‘Alien’ Movie Into A Play & It Looks Sick

A US high school has taken the first Alien film and turned into a full-blown play aptly titled, Alien: The Play. As you’d probably imagine, it whips ass.

[jwplayer PasZFS4t]

The full-length adaptation was made by the North Bergen High School in New Jersey, with English teacher, Perfecto Cuervo, at the helm. They even made a trailer for it, which also rules incredibly hard.

Check it out below.

The hilarious poses, the 80s space aesthetics, the synthwave soundtrack, it all adds up to some wildly cool shit. By the looks of the videos posted to social media, the actual play looks just as rad.

Look at that Xenomorph costume. That’s some pretty great production value for a high school and you can bet your ass I’d shit myself if I saw that thing anywhere but on the stage.


And of course, it just wouldn’t be complete without the famous Facehugger scene.


While unauthorised adaptations can be a recipe for legal action, it looks like the school has gotten away with it. Hell, even the Alien franchise Twitter got on board with support.

The play is no longer running, just in case you were ready to head to New Jersey to catch it for yourself. Given the popular response, though, there’s always a chance it’ll get picked up elsewhere.