Uber Is Launching An Emergency Assistance Button For Both Riders & Drivers

Uber announced today that it will be introducing a new safety feature which allows both riders and passengers to contact emergency services within the app should they feel the need, along with two other resources.

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The new features will begin rolling out over the coming weeks and you’ll know you have it when you see a little shield icon appear at the bottom right side of the screen during a trip. Tapping the button will bring up the Safety Toolkit where you can tap 000 Assistance to call emergency services. You’ll be able to see your location on the map, as well as written out as an address, so you can tell them exactly where you are.

For drivers, the emergency assistance button will appear at the top left of the app.

You’ll also have access to the Safety Centre, which will give you a little more information on things like driver background checks, insurance coverage, and details on how to contact Uber’s 24/7 support.

And finally, drivers and riders can choose to share their trip information with up to five friends or family members as part of the Trusted Contacts feature. By enabling the setting, your nominated pals will be able to see where you are and the status of your trip quickly and easily.

It’s great to see Uber making the service a safer place for everyone, and while we hope no one ever has to use the emergency contact functionality, we’re sure glad it’s there.

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