Roller Coaster Stalls In Japan Trapping Riders 30M In The Air For 2 Hours

A glitch on a roller coaster at a major theme park in Japan has left passengers stranded 30-odd metres in the air for as long as two hours while rescuers attended the scene.

The Flying Dragon ride at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka stalled halfway through the ride’s 1,100-metre span, with two carriages making an emergency stop near the apex of the ride.

The ride was at capacity, carrying 64 passengers at the time; the park itself is experiencing high volumes of patrons due to Japan’s currently on-going Golden Week holiday period.

Park officials confirmed that safety and rescue crews were quickly on the scene, successfully evacuating all passengers from the ride. The last passenger to be removed was forced to wait two hours before coming down from the ride.

Officials asserted that the emergency stop mechanism was triggered by a malfunctioning motor-regulating device on the ride’s rails.

Maintenance workers and inspectors carried out repair works and safety checks, before the ride was given the all clear to resume regular operation.

No one was hurt in the incident.