Uber’s Handy New Feature Lets You *Discreetly* Report Safety Concerns In Real Time


The team at Uber has today announced a brand new feature to help riders discreetly report drivers for non-emergency issues, like texting while driving or having a heavy foot. That sort of thing.

Following feedback from Aussie customers, Uber has introduced a new way to discreetly and conveniently report safety concerns on the app.

The On-Trip Reporting feature, launched today (9 February), allows Aussies to report non-emergency safety issues through the Uber app, instead of waiting until after the trip has ended.

So, say your Uber driver is speeding or really likes to (unnecessarily) overtake everyone in sight, you can use the new feature to report the issue in real time.

According to Uber, research shows that riders are more likely to report experiences that make them feel uncomfortable while they are on the journey, rather than afterwards. I don’t know about you lot, but I feel that in my bones.

In the in-app Safety Toolkit, riders will find a “report safety incident” option, which can be accessed by tapping on the blue shield icon. This will let you report a non-emergency safety issue during your journey. Then, that leads to a follow-up from Uber’s Safety Team after the trip.

Visual coming in hot:

Uber’s safety toolkit also includes the Share My Trip feature, which lets you share your whereabouts and trip status in real time with family and friends.

For emergency situations or urgent safety issues, riders can also use the in-app feature to contact emergency services.

“Not only will On-Trip Reporting encourage people to share feedback at a convenient time, but every piece of feedback enables us to pinpoint issues that can help make the platform safer for everyone,” Dom Taylor, general manager of Uber ANZ, said on Tuesday.

The Uber app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.