Uber Is Gonna Start Banning Riders With Low Ratings So Pull Your Head In

Uber is updating its community guidelines this month, folks, and for riders, there’s a pretty big change coming. From September 19, you can be banned from using the service if your rating gets too low.

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Yep, if your rating dips below 4 stars, you’ll start getting notifications telling you to sort your shit out. If you continue to be an awful passenger after several notifications, you’ll be banned from using the app.

“This is a vital step in maintaining an enjoyable experience for both riders and driver-partners on the app, and fostering an environment of mutual respect,” the company said in a press release this morning.

So what will get you booted from the platform, I hear you worryingly ask? There’s plenty of things which will slowly decay your rating, and they’re pretty much what you’d expect. Vomiting your drunk ass up in the car, asking inappropriate questions, using bad language, bringing open containers of alcohol into the vehicle, and so on. It’s all common sense stuff, really, but you can suss out the entire list right here.

“This is important because when driver-partners use Uber they do more than simply drive: they’re sharing their own car, their space, their time and a slice of who they are with passengers,” the statement says.

Uber makes a fair point, so many drivers go above and beyond to provide a great service, so it’s only fair that passengers do a little more to return the favour. I’m not saying you need to walk around with a Tupperware container full of Minties, I’m just saying be mindful of your behaviour. And yes, if you book the Uber, you’re responsible for other passengers in the car.

An Uber spokesperson told PEDESTRIAN.TV that the vast majority of riders in Australia and New Zealand have ratings above 4.5 stars and roughly 9 per cent have the full 5 stars.

Be nice to your driver, folks.

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