This Browser Plugin Turns Trump’s Tweets Into The Work Of The Child He Is

Another week, another new plugin that somehow makes Donald Trump‘s ridiculous ramblings funny. After all, when the world is imploding, laughter helps. 

There was the Chrome plugin that turns pictures of Trump into burgers and of course, who could forget the one that auto-replies to his tweets with “Shut up Donny”
But the latest and arguably most appropriate, is the web browser plugin that turns his tweets into what they really are – the scribbles of an angsty child. 
Made by the folks on The Daily Show, Make Trump Tweets Eight Again will change the font of all Trump tweets to that of an eight-year-old kid and let me tell ya, the results are extremely fitting. 
It’s a beautiful time to be online, friends. You can download the extension for your Chrome or Firefox web browser for free. Enjoy.

Source & Photo: The Daily Show