Sydney Gamer Wins A Cool $1M From Largest Prize Pool In eSports History

Sydney gamer DamienkpiiChok and his team, Newbee, have taken home a share of the colossal prize pool on offer at this year’s Dota 2 International Championships.

The crowdfunded prize money up for grabs totalled at $US24,787,916 ($31.5 million), making it the biggest in eSports history. While Newbee just missed out on first place, they still took home a cool $US3,929,945 ($4,992,942) as runners up.

Given there are 5 members to a team, old mate kpii pocketed just under 1 million Australian smackers. Not bad at all.

Newbee lost to Team Liquid in the Grand Final with a score of 3-0, becoming the first clean sweep in the tournament’s Grand Finals history. Team Liquid walked away with the lions share of the prize pool, an eye watering $US10,807,349 ($13,730,592). You can suss out an abridged version of the finals below.

Another Aussie competitor, AnathananaPham, took home around $US120,000 ($152K) after his team came 7th-8th. The team, OG, won $US614,054 ($780K) in total.

Dota 2 is one of the most popular games and eSports titles in the world. Similar to League of Legends, players choose from 111 playable characters called Heroes, each with their own strengths and abilities.

The International is held every year in Seattle and hosts 18 of the best teams from around the world to compete in 5-on-5 fantasy battles for absurd amounts of cash.

You can suss out who won what below. Even last place players cop more than $US10k each. Nice.

1st – $US10,807,349 – Team Liquid
2nd – $US3,929,945 – Newbee
3rd – $US2,579,026 – LGD.Forever Young
4th – $US1,719,351 – LGD Gaming
5th-6th – $US1,105,297 and Invictus Gaming
7th-8th – $US614,054 – Team Empire and OG
9th-12th – $US368,432 – Team Secret, Evil Geniuses, TNC Pro Team and Digital Chaos
13th-16th – $US122,811 – Execration, Cloud9, Infamous, iG Vitality
17th-18th – $US61,405 – Fnatic and Hellraisers