Australia’s Newest Reality TV Show Wants You To Become A Pro Gamer

The esports scene in Australia has ramped up massively in the last year alone, but when something garners enough interest to green light a reality TV show, you know it’s starting to hit mainstream audiences.

Yep, a TV show called The Next Gamer will be searching for Australia’s best amateur gamer, with the winner scoring $10,000 and a contract with one of the country’s biggest esports teams. It’s essentially Masterchef for nerds.

If you reckon you’ve got what it takes, applications are open right now. The top 40 entrants will compete online over 5 days to fill out the top 10, all of whom will “join the house” in Sydney. We can only assume that “the house” will host some of the best nerd fights of all time.

While it’s implied that most selection criteria will be based around the competitive game League of Legends, the top 10 will also have to deal with a gambit of challenges that aim to “test mental fortitude, physical fitness, and teamwork.”

One player will be eliminated each week and at the end of the season, the final 5 will play against an Oceanic Pro League team to hone their skills and just generally get pummelled in the game.

“In a live finale The Next Gamer team will face an OPL to prove their worth,” the page says. “The gamer that has shown they have what it takes to go pro will go home with $10,000 in prize money and a six month contract with the one of Australia’s best League of Legends teams.”

It’s uncertain who the team is, but my money would be on either Legacy or The Chiefs. We spoke to the latter about Aussie esports earlier this year which you can check out the video below.

Game on, ya big nerds.