PEDESTRIAN.TV and Telstra are teaming up to bring you some of the juiciest eSports content you’ve ever seen. While you obviously need a top-notch internet connection to get your game on at a pro level, you also need to be good, and this female team is bloody great. Check them out in the video below. 

While the majority of pro gamers are men, more and more eager female players are getting into the eSports scene than ever before. 

Unlike a lot of other sports, men and women don’t need their own leagues to play against each other competitively. Dark Sided‘s female Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team is just one of these groups. 

We spoke with JasmineJSMAINguyen and ElleshaLINHDTTran from the team about how they got into eSports, the challenges they face and the love they have for competing. 

For Ellesha, it was her brother who lead her into the world of competitive gaming. 

“When I was very young, I’d say around 8, me and my brother used to go to a local net cafe,” she said. “That’s where I started to build this, like, passion for CS. I used to go every day.”

The girls fell into the team based on their undeniable skill and quickly became great friends who enjoy playing together, an important factor in team-based games like CS:GO. 

In such a male-dominated field, Jasmine and Ellesha have definitely learnt how to handle the perils of the online world, which can be particularly nasty in gaming. 

“Most male teams, they like to talk down on the female teams,” Ellesha said, but Dark Sided can certainly give it back just as good, added Jasmine. “They’ll talk smack and then by the end of it when you win, they’ll be silent, no words at all.”

But at the end of the day, Jasmine says it’s all about loving the game you play. “We really care for competitive gaming and we can show you that.”

You can check out the whole video below. 

Photo: Dark Sided.