How To Access The New Horoscope-Inspired Spotify Feature That Everyone’s Making Memes About

The angels at Spotify have bequeathed yet another music analysis feature upon us, and this time we don’t even have to wait until the end of the year like Spotify Wrapped. The new feature is called Only You and it highlights all your unique (read: lowkey embarrassing) listening quirks as of late.

To find the Only You feature, simply open Spotify and it should be right there on the main page. If for some reason you cant see it on the main page, you can also click the search button and find it there. Alternatively, you can access Spotify Only You in your browser here.

How generous of them to let us have a fun tribute to our eclectic tastes in music before Spotify wrapped drops in December. What a cute treat. A wintery morning surprise.

Even cuter is that it has a horoscope-inspired birth chart section which lists three of your favourite artists at the moment as your sun, your moon and your rising.

For the record my sun was Lorde, my moon Kendrick Lamar, and my rising was, uhh, Mel & Kim. Spotify doesn’t miss.

My taste… exquisite.

You can also plan your “dream dinner party” with a unique combo of your fave artists, with the app then turning this into some kind of Frankenstein playlist.

The new Spotify feature has got heaps of people posting about their unique combos:

Other people are feeling a bit ~exposed~.

Then K-pop stans broke the algorithm. We expected no less from them.

And finally, people started churning out quality memes.

Thanks Spotify, very cool!

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