You Can Set Spotify As Your Default Music Player In The New IPhone Update So Cya Later, Weird U2 Album

iphone update spotify apple music

The next iOS update for your iPhone is already in its testing phase, and it’s looking like it’s finally going to do away with the whole annoying thing of only playing music through Apple Music when you ask Siri to chuck a song on. That means you’ll be able to choose literally any other music app than Apple’s own to play music on command, and no more yelling at Siri to not open the wrong app again.

iOS 14.5 is still in its beta mode, but beta testing communities over on Reddit have noticed that when you ask Siri to play music, it asks you what app you want to listen from.

Huge, love this.

Apparently, after you’ve told Siri a couple of times what app is your go-to for streaming music, it just learns and will open it without having to do the second prompt. It knows, IT KNOWS.

Sure, some might think this is computers knowing too much about us and getting a bit too bloody smart for their own good, but I’m thankful this means I won’t get halfway through asking to put a song on while driving, only for Siri to be like ??? and play that one weird U2 album that got loaded onto everyone’s Apple Music accounts.

The iOS 14.5 update is rumoured to be rolled out sometime in February, and also reportedly includes features like unlocking your phone from your Apple Watch, dual SIM-card capabilities, and support for PlayStation 5 DualSense and Xbox Series X controllers – which means you can play iPhone games with those controllers.

I dunno what it is about this iPhone update, but between this, the fact you can do things with by tapping the back of your phone, and you can take full-page screenshots, suddenly my phone is seeming a bit more useful than a machine solely used for doomscrolling at 2am and taking thotty shots when I catch myself in some good lighting.

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