I Was Today Years Old When I Discovered That You Can Take Full-Page Screenshots On The iPhone

I was today years old when I found out that there’s a function on the iPhone that lets you take a screenshot of an entire article, not just what’s on the screen.

The TikTok hack has gone viral because it appears a lot of people were also unaware of the full-page screenshot feature.


For the longest time I’ve been taken dozens of screenshots to save a recipe or an  interesting article like an absolute mug. How did I not know full-page screenshots were a thing?

Once the screenshot is taken, you can save it to the files app on your iPhone (yes there is one, just search it if you can’t find it.) Or alternatively you can upload it straight to Google Drive or send it in an email.

But the function only works on Safari, so if you’re frantically trying to do it on a Google Chrome browser you won’t be able to.

Also just like with everything related the Apple, Android users have come out of the woodwork to tell us that Androids have been able to take full-page screenshots for longer.

“iPhone users discover something else Android users been doing long before Apple ever could,” someone wrote in the replies.

Ok, we get it @Strawberries51…aNdRoId iS bEtTEr thAn iPhONe…

I genuinely think that iPhone users just buy an iPhone and hope for the best. We genuinely have no idea about any of the cool functions that Apple has inbuilt into its technology.

A prime example of this is when people discovered the apple on the back of iPhones can actually do stuff. Yes, there’s a function that lets you double or triple tap the back of the iPhone to perform anything from a screenshot to ejecting water from your phone.

But be careful with that one. You truly don’t know much you tap the back of your phone, until you realise you’ve taken 20 accidental screenshots.

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