If you’re an Apple aficionado, then by now you’ve probably noticed the strange appearance of a new U2 album on your iPhone, iPad or in your iTunes library. The new U2 album – Songs of Innocence – was automatically pushed to every Apple device via the iCloud, thanks to a partnered marketing strategy that… well, when you think about it, it’s actually weirdly genius.

Point is, not everyone was exactly happy about having this content birthed unto them without having to ask for it. The only problem there was that, at least initially, it proved to be a rather tricky little thing to erase. You could hide it from your iTunes library, but it would remain in your iCloud account, and thus would still appear in your portable device’s music library.

The gang at Apple, being the kind folk that they are, have listened to the protests of the consumer, and have today released a way to rid both yourself and your devices of this particular Irish intrusion. And it’s kind of frustratingly simple, too.

Apple published this link which contains a quick and easy opt-out process that more or less instantly scrubs the album from your account, depending on how you have your iCloud set up. If you’ve got it all synced and it’s already downloaded, then you’ll have to manually remove the files from your devices after hitting the opt out button.

If you do happen to get rid of it and find yourself curiously wanting to hear it a bit later down the track, the whole album will remain free to everyone from the iTunes Store until October 13th. After that point if you pick up the album, then Bono‘s getting paid.

And we all know that Bono gots to get paid, son.

Hit up the Songs of Innocence removal page right here.

Photo: Justin Sullivan via Getty Images.