10 Of The Best Spotify Wrapped Memes To Remind You That Your Music Taste Is Cringey AF

spotify wrapped

Ahh, Spotify Wrapped. The beloved invention that at best, allows you to boast your superior taste in music, and at worst, reminds you that listening to The Jonas Brothers S.O.S 750 times per year doesn’t count as therapy.

But honestly, the only thing better than seeing every basic girl from your high school boast about her ~eclectic~ music taste all year, only for her top track to be WAP is the memes.

Oh, the memes.


For some of us, our Wrapped was filled with queen Carly Rae Jepsen, which left me feeling a little like this.

But unlike my undying love for CJR, which I am not ashamed of whatsoever, many people used the opportunity to call Spotify out for exposing their embarrassing tastes in music.

Some of us (not me) truly just have fucking awful taste in music. It’s okay though, we’re not here to shame anyone.


Like fuck, at least give me a warning first.

And when she’s not calling you out for thrashing the Hairspray soundtrack on repeat, she’s probably giving you a hint that you should see your therapist.

I mean, nothing quite says “you’re depressed” like listening to the Hamilton sountrack on repeat for a month and a half, does it? Sorry Brenda, but Lin-Manuel Miranda does *not* count as a therapist.


It has been a tough year for most of us, but nobody truly knows you more intimately than your Spotify account.

Honestly, as somebody who thrashed Boyfriend by Ashlee Simpson on repeat every day, I say it’s time that we all just own our guilty pleasure playlists. Go on, share that shit.

But remember, no matter how cringeworthy your music taste may be, you’re still a step ahead of anyone who feels the need to post about how they don’t care about Spotify Wrapped posts. It’s been a hell of a year, and in this house, we don’t shame people for finding pleasure in the little things*.

*the little things being Lin-Manuel Miranda.