As its battle with Instagram rages on, Snapchat has released a suite of new creative tools that’ll have your snaps looking mighty, uh, busy. 

From today, users will have access to looping videos, extended viewing options, the ability to draw with emojis and a magic eraser. 

If you want to grant your pals the ability to replay your snaps as many times as they want, you can select the infinity icon – which will appear as a new option under the timer. This will let the recipient view the snap an unlimited number of times, but once it’s closed, it’ll delete as usual. 

Snapchat’s Huge New Update Lets You Photoshop Your Pics & Draw W/ Emojis

Because Boomerang videos are all the rage with Instagram users, Snapchat have decided to add their own looping videos. Just capture a video as normal and hit the “looping” icon to keep it going. It’ll continue to play for the recipient until they’ve had enough of that shit and close it.

You’ll also notice the creative tools now appear down the right hand side of your screen, which includes the ability to draw with emojis. Yeah m8, you can draw shit with select emojis by tapping the draw icon and selecting the emoji, which will then display your options. 

Lastly, you now have access to the Magic Eraser tool, which is actually pretty damn sweet. Tap the scissor icon and then the stars to select it, draw over an area of your snap you want to erase and the app will do its best to replicate the background of the photo, effectively erasing whatever you selected. 

Suss it in action below. 

Snapchat’s Huge New Update Lets You Photoshop Your Pics & Draw W/ Emojis

To get your hands on these new features, all you have to do is update Snapchat to the latest version. I had to do it twice, so if it doesn’t work the first time, just give it another go. 

Photo: Supplied.