PornHub Searches For “Fortnite” Have Skyrocketed Since Drake Played


There’s no denying it, folks, Fortnite is popular as fuck now, and with great popularity comes insane porno searches.

After being contacted by Polygon about the game’s success and the impact it’s had on searches, PornHub released some wild insights on the topic. While they say the influence was slow to rise when the game launched on July 2017, it was the the introduction of a Battle Royale mode in September that sent searches steadily upward.

But as you can see, the biggest peak was shortly after Twitch streamer, TylerNinjaBlevins, set a viewership record for the platform after playing Fortnite with Canadian rapper, Drake, which sent PornHub searches for the game up by 824 per cent. Look at that enormous spike. Look at it.

Apart from literally searching for “Fortnite” on the website, users have also been getting, uh, specific with what they want. See for yourself.

I have absolutely no idea what “try not to nut fortnite” is, but evidently, folks are horny as hell for it.

When horny gamers aren’t cranking their hogs to Fortnite porn, they’re searching other games like Pokémon, Minecraft, or Overwatch.

I’m too scared to search for Minecraft porn, but I’m baffled by the idea. Is it porn made inside the game? Is it block people fucking with incredibly boxy and pixelated genitals? Is it normal people fucking, but while wearing cardboard boxes? Consider me flummoxed.

As for the countries getting into Fortnite porn, Finland is bloody loving it. Can’t get enough it, them Finns.

France is pretty into it, too. Australia on the other hand is only moderately hot for Fortnite porn.

So there you go, folks. Now you know that people all around the world are janking their bepis to a popular Battle Royale game that looks like a cartoon. Do with that information what you will.