This PornHub Search Term Has Increased By 400% So Merry XXXMas Ya Filthy Animals

mrs claus pornhub searches increase by 400%.

Hoe hoe hoe, and a merry XXXmas to all the filthy animals that have contributed to the search term ‘Mrs Claus’ blowing up like an inflatable snowman on PornHub. Full offence.

According to data released by PornHub, searches for Santa’s WIFE, you disrespectful heathens, has topped the list of Christmas character searches this Xmas, and increased by a huuuuge 401 per cent.

I presume y’all are imagining this, not an old woman:

Imagine Santa reading all your wish lists right now and seeing his damn wife’s name, the poor guy.

Surprisingly, despite swelling of those numbers, this isn’t even the highest record of searches for Mrs Claus. (Does she have a first name??).

The peak of PornHub’s interest in Mother Christmas was in 2018, and it’s been on a steady decline since then. Does it feel weird to call her Mother Christmas now?? Does it??

According to PornHub, her husband Santa came second, with a 375 per cent increase.

Other popular XXXmas searches were elf, xxxmas, Christmas orgy and elf hentai.

The top two searches in general on PornHub were ‘hentai’ (lol of course) and ‘romance’ — clearly, it’s been a lonely and isolating year for a lot of people.

MILF was one of the most popular genres too, and I mean, fair enough. Maybe this also explains the popularity of Mrs Claus.

Look, all jokes aside, if Mrs Santa Claus is what gets you through your day, then so be it.

BUT, for the (hopefully few) of you searching Rudolph… unforgivable. If you’re searching for the Grinch though… carry on.