The Cheapest Samsung Note 10 Deals So You Don’t Have To Sell A Kidney

Contributor: Jacqui Dent

Have you heard the news? Samsung fans everywhere got up extremely early this morning to herald the launch of the Galaxy Note 10, and holy moly you guys, it was worth the lack of sleep.

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Samsung has dropped not one but two Notes this year: the 6.3-inch Note 10 and the 6.8-inch Note 10+. They are big. They are bad. And they come with a Bluetooth stylus/magic wand so you can control your phone remotely like a wizard.

Here’s why you should care about the new Note 10 and Note 10+: The regular Note 10 has three cameras on the back, and the monster Note 10+ has four. There’s a technical explanation for why this is awesome, but basically, more cameras means betterer photos. And if you pre-order either one, you’ll snag a bonus pair of Samsung’s AKG N700 NCM2 noise-cancelling headphones, valued at $499.

Of course, with a starting price of $1,499 for the Note 10 and $1,699 for the Note 10+, you’re going to want to nab one on a plan. Here are all the cheapest options to pre-order one today.

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plans

We’re not sure what Woolworths Mobile has been smoking today but we like its style. For $95.50 per month, you can get a Galaxy Note 10 along with 40GB of data. And just to be clear how mad that deal is, the next plan up comes from Vodafone, where you’ll pay $2 more for only 5GB of data. No thanks.

Not only are Woolies plans much better value, but they also bag you coverage on the Telstra network. So that’s nice. If you’re not afraid of spending a little more you can get a massive 57GB from Woolworths for $105.50 per month. 

The Woolworths plans will be sitting at this price point for pre-orders only which means you have until August 23 to get in on the deals. If you want to see how the Woolies offers stack up against the rest of Vodafone’s plans, here they are:

Cheapest Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ plans

Woolies’ plans still kill it in this category with three different options up to 40GB for $104.50 coming in ahead of Optus’ paltry 4GB for $105 and Vodafone’s equally paltry 5GB for $105.79. Once again, Woolworths’ pricing is pre-order only, which means prices will go up after August 23.

If you don’t want to buy your Note 10+ from a supermarket, Optus does have a much more appealing plan with 60GB for $115 per month. This is easily one of the best offers from the big three. Or if you need even more data than that you can nab yourself a massive 80GB to go with your massive Note 10+ from either Optus or Vodafone for $125 or $125.70 respectively:

If that’s still not enough data to satisfy, you could go all the way with Telstra and get 100GB for $150.79 per month, or score a frankly ludicrous 200GB from Optus for $155 per month. 

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