If you are still somehow hanging on to your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in the determined hope that it won’t randomly catch fire, then we’re sorry to say that your travel options have just reduced significantly. 

Yesterday, it was reported that the US Department of Transportation had introduced a blanket ban on the troubled smartphone from all flights within the country, as well as arriving and departing international flights.

While Australia’s Civil Aviation Authority is still “monitoring” the situation, the major airlines have gone ahead and decided to ban the phones as a cautionary measure.  

Qantas and its subsidiary Jetstar, and Virgin Australia, which owns Tiger, jointly announced that the phones, whose lithium ion battery packs are prone to overheating and exploding, are too big a risk to be allowed on their flights.

Initially, Galaxy Note 7s were allowed on planes if they were turned off and were not attached to a charger, but following this decision, they will not be allowed on planes at all, in carry-on or check-in luggage. 

Samsung has issued a product recall for approximately 2.5 million of the phones, and has suspended production, after updated versions of the units continued to overheat. 

Samsung may need to consider rebranding after this debacle is over. 

Oi Galaxy Note 7 Owners, The Major Aussie Airlines Have Banned Ya Phone

Best hope that Russell Crowe doesn’t own one, or he’ll flip his fuckin shit all over again.

Source: 9 News.

Photo: George Frey / Getty.