RIP VINE: The 6-Second Meme Delivery Service Is Officially Dead

Well, that’s it: Vine is officially dead.

Twitter announced plans to nix the six-second video sharing platform in October last year, after coming to terms with the fact that despite its mahoosive user base, it wasn’t making any damn money.

It seems that day has finally arrived. The latest app update has replaced Vine-as-you-know-it with a new, pared-down Vine camera app that’ll still allow users to record six-second videos (and post them directly to Twitter), but without any of the additional social features that it was known for.

For now, the website will stay up and running.

Vine has been encouraging users to download their Vines before January 17th (i.e. yesterday), so uh, if you haven’t done so yet and you’re one of the thousands of ~Vine stars~ whom I neither know nor understand, a third party app might be your best bet.

RIP Vine 2K17.

Photo: Tombstone Generator.