Apple has just released a series of new Memojis, so now you can send your mates a personalised eye-roll emoji next time they say something dumb.

As part of the beta version of iOS 13.4, Apple has introduced a number of new Memojis for use in iMessage, FaceTime and other apps that support the existing keyboard function, according to HypeBeast.

Nine new stickers have been released as part of the beta update, including: Screaming in Fear, Party Horn, Rolling Ryes, Face with Steam, Folded Hands, Gesturing No, Person with Tipping Hand, Smiling Face with Three Hearts and Person Behind a Computer (which has very slight Joe from You vibes).

memoji update

So you’re pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to personalising your messages with Memojis.

Now you can send your best mate a simple yet effective eye roll Memoji when they ignore your advice and continue to go out on a date with a fuckboy, or you can personalise the hearts emoji to send your bae some love with a personal touch this Valentines Day.

Right now, the Memojis are only available as part of the beta testing, but hopefully it’ll be available across all iOS devices shorty so you can send your friends a party Memoji to pep them up before a night on the town.

If you’re interested in testing out the new Memojis before everyone else, you can sign up for the Apple beta testing website here. But be warned, Apple recommends only running the beta test on a secondary device like an iPad or a second iPhone, not on your primary device.

Image: Apple / Memojis