Melbourne Is Trialling Traffic-Killing Tech To Make Your Commute Bearable

If you drive a vehicle on the roads in Melbourne, you’re in for a real bloody treat. VicRoads have partnered with Intelematics to trial brand spankin’ new traffic-killing technology to make your commute heaps less shit.

This “green wave” technology will relay road conditions to you, the driver, via a smartphone app or GPS. It allows for continuous green lights at consecutive intersections to cut down travel time and lessen all that start-stop nonsense, all you need to do is drive at the speed the app tells you to. The goal is to eventually integrate the technology with adaptive cruise control.
The trial will last 18 months and has so far cost VicRoads $756,000, but will only cover certain sections to begin with. Potential roads include Hoddle Street, Punt Road, Nepean Highway, Dandenong Road and Warrigal Road with an aim to tackle varying speeds and traffic conditions. 
Similar green wave systems are already in use in Copenhagen, San Francisco, Amsterdam and Vienna to aide cyclists by telling them how fast to travel between intersections to dodge those bastard reds. 
There ya have it folks. Just slow the fuck down and coast to your destination with max greens. 
Source: Herald Sun
Photo: The Simpsons.

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