Kmart Just Released A Smart Kettle That You Can Turn On From Your Bloody Bed & I Want It Now

Kmart is selling a smart temperature kettle, so you can literally boil the kettle for your morning beverage without even leaving your bed.

The Smart Variable Temperature Kettle has just hit Kmart stores and is going for $65 AUD, which is a small price to pay to be on possession of the literal future.

The future is here now guys, we have voice activated assistants, smart appliances, robot vacuum cleaners and Joe Biden is president of the United States. The future is looking bright, baby.

So how does it work? It has a Wi-Fi smart power base that connects to your mobile phone, or even works with your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Not only is this boily boy powered by Wi-Fi, it also has a number of really cool features so you can brew that perfect tea. It has keep warm, green tea, white tea, oolong tea, coffee and black tea boil options.

The smart kettle is hugely popular amongst Kmart fans, with many people in various Facebook groups super excited about the new product.

‘I’ve had it a few days now and like it. I use the smart app to boil it before going downstairs.’ one wrote.

However, I think this comment takes the cake.

When Kmart flew open its doors post-Melbourne lockdown, shoppers were lined up around the corner. The retail giant also took bookings if people wanted to attend a cheeky midnight session, and of course customers took the bait.

“In most of those stores we had about 500 people through in the first half-hour or so, and between midnight and 6am, about 10,000 in total,” Kmart Managing Director Ian Bailey told 3AW.

I for one, cannot wait to boil the kettle from my bed, forget I boiled it, then reboil it and forget I did all over again.

Buy it here.