Tag Your Tech-Addict Mates: Kmart Is Quite Literally Selling A Jail Cell For Your Phone

If you watched The Social Dilemma and suddenly felt the urge to smash your phone with a hammer, then you might want to invest in a Kmart Phone Jail. Yes, it’s actually what you think it is, a literal prison for your smart phone.

The Phone Jail is 20 x 20cm, so realistically you could lock some other tiny items away into your little phone prison: Chocolate, a small bottle of vodka, a pair of crocs, a dildo?? Whatever floats your boat really.

According to a couple of members of ‘Kmart Inspired Homes’, they claim that the plastic bars are pretty flimsy. So if you’re dealing with a really bad phone addict, they could probably smash through the bars to retrieve their phone. Look, I don’t want to scare you, but it is a possibility.

Kmart stans will 100% be licking their lips at this find, as the mini jail will set you back just $8 AUD. They will literally do anything for a good deal, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this product flies off the shelves.

When Kmart flew open its doors post-Melbourne lockdown, shoppers were lined up around the corner. The retail giant also took bookings if people wanted to attend a cheeky midnight session, and of course customers took the bait.

“In most of those stores we had about 500 people through in the first half-hour or so, and between midnight and 6am, about 10,000 in total,” Kmart Managing Director Ian Bailey told 3AW.

If you’re off the Social Dilemma train, you can always opt for a Phone Neck Mount for $5 AUD. You’ll look like wanker, but at least your neck won’t be sore.

There’s also these weird 90 Degree Glasses, if scrolling through your phone like a normal person is too much for you.

Go forth, enjoy your little Kmart treats.

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