Kmart Released A Handbag That Also Doubles As A Goon Sack, So Shut Up And Take My Money

Kmart just released a goon sack handbag, otherwise known as a Wine Carrier with Drink Dispenser.

Kmart’s Wine Carrier just landed in stores and is already sold out online, because nothing says perfect Chrissy gift for your mum like wine and a handbag.

The goon sack is carefully disguised as a handbag, so you can sneakily hide the fact you’re having a wine in times when it might otherwise be inappropriate to be holding a goon sack.

So how exactly does this bag-o-goon work? Well it comes with an insulated bladder bag and spout that you can fill with wine, or any beverage really.

White Claw goon bag anyone?

VB shoulder bag?

Little Fat Lamb carrier?

At $25 it’s a bloody steal and that’s probably why it’s sold out. The bag is also leak proof because, you know, there’s a whole-ass bag of goon in it.

This classy goon sack is perfect for Melburnians who are now allowed to have picnics of up to 10 people (from two households). Woohoo.

For the rest of Aus, you could also take this bag on your commute home from work and start your after work drinks sesh early.

When festivals finally happen this would be a great bag to take with you onto the stinking hot D-floor, rather than opting for the esky on wheels (that have become a staple at any doof).

The bag may be sold out but I would keep an eye out, as I’m sure other brands will be releasing their own line of fashionable goon bags too.