Kmart Stores Are Taking Bookings For Anyone Wanting A Little Wander Around The Aisles In Melb

kmart melbourne

One of the big things Melburnians are very stoked about with the easing of restrictions and retail reopening is Kmart is coming back to us. But because we’ve been so starved of a gentle wander around the shops, Kmart has also brought in an online queue system so you can literally book a time to go and have a little potter around when things reopen in Melbourne from 11.59pm tonight.

You’ve probably booked a table at a pub or two for the weekend, maybe a little cosy nook in a cafe for a dusty Sunday brunch, and now you can book yourselves in to have a little shop at your local Kmart in the metro Melbourne area.

38 stores across the Melbourne region have whipped up an online booking system ahead of the stores being able to reopen tonight, allowing people to save a spot in the small capacity of people allowed to nip into the store at any one time.

Booking slots are in 20 min chunk, which is the timeframe that you have to show up to your selected store. From there you can enter, and wander around for as long as you need.

(Full disclosure, I thought this meant we had a 20min window to get in and out of the store, but Kmart has told me that’s not the case.)

Trust me, nobody loves a good nose around Kmart looking at everything on sale more than me.

But for now, it’s very much a case of know what you want, have a list, get in, get the stuff, get the fuck out.

The Kmart website says this is to allow people the ability to get into Melbourne stores quickly during busy periods – basically removing any annoyance if you trot up to Kmart when you wanna nip in for a couple of things, only to find the shop is at capacity and there’s a lineup out the front to rival the Perseverance on a balmy uni night.

So before you go screaming over to your local Melbourne Kmart at the stroke of midnight tonight (because yes, some stores are opening up the MINUTE it’s allowed) you might wanna check the website to see if it’s going to be worth the fuss, or better to just book in a time for later this week.