The Internet of Things is absolutely a movement in a full swing, and before anyone truly works out what we should put computers and wi-fi chips into, companies are going right ahead and putting it in anything. An app-controlled thermostat? Sounds great. An app-controlled door lock? Sounds problematic, but guseful. An app-controlled kettle? Geddafuckouttahere,

Twitter user and tech industry worker Mark Rittman detailed his extensive struggles this morning trying to get his wi-fi enabled kettle to function properly. It took 11 hours. 11 hours he could have been using to drink approximately 100 cups of tea instead. His feed is hell.

While waiting for it to calibrate, he boiled water in a saucepan, like he old days.

I am literally getting frustrated just looking at these screenshots. Every goddamn moment spent trying to get a printer to work, except for something you can just do with a $10 kettle from Kmart. 



This notification – what is the point of this notification? What? Why can’t you just turn your head and look at the damn kettle?

He did eventually get it to work – but unfortunately had to sit in darkness while his wi-fi enabled lights downloaded and installed a firmware update.

The future rocks.

Source: Twitter.