Aldi’s Black Friday Deals Are Here & I Guess Everyone’s Getting A Coffee Machine For Christmas

Black Friday is fast approaching, which means this absolute shitshow of a year is nearly over *and* means it’s time to be a sucker for capitalism and snap up a cheap deal. And thankfully, Aldi is spoiling us with a sick-ass Special Buys catalogue on Wednesday 25th November, as an early Black Friday treat.

The ‘Black Wednesday’ sale is filled with tech and home goodies, which is basically code for “you can get all of your Christmas gifts sorted while buying your groceries.”

For starters, you can pick up a 65″ Bauhn UHD Smart TV for $599, which is basically Monopoly money compared to what you’d pay for the same sort of TV at a tech store.

aldi black wednesday

Obviously, if you’re buying a TV, you’ll probably want a soundbar, and you’re in luck because they’re also slinging one of those for less than a hundred bucks.

aldi black wednesday

For $99.99, you can get your hands on a Philips soundbar with Bluetooth. Dad, if you’re reading this, you’re getting a soundbar for Christmas.

Or, if you’re in the market to host the biggest party of the summer, they’re also slinging one of those big fuck off party speakers that were cool in the early 00s. For $199, you can enjoy two subwoofers, two mid-range and two treble speakers, which means you can blast ‘WAP’ so loud that you deafen your neighbours.

Alternatively, if you’re not keen on leaving the house, you can pick up a gaming chair for $149. As somebody who spent a small fortune on one earlier this year, I must point out exactly how much of a good deal this is. Chairs are stupid expensive, buy one while they’re cheap.

In addition to tech stuff, they’re also slinging a number of DeLonghi home appliances, including a kettle, a toaster and a proper manual coffee machine (aka not the pod one) for less than $100.

Seriously, giving someone a coffee machine for Christmas is a great idea.

me giving everyone I know a coffee machine for Christmas

Aldi’s Black Wednesday Special Buys catalogue hits shelves on November 25. But you’ll have to be quick because these deals will obviously be selling fast!