Instagram Now Lets You Bookmark That 10/10 Meme You Look At Everyday

Well would ya look at that, Instagram have introduced a new feature that isn’t a blatant rip-off of someone else’s ideas. 

Let me paint you a picture. You’re scrolling through Insta and all of a sudden, the best Brown Cardigan post you’ve ever seen comes out of nowhere. You’re in tears, lmao-ing so hard on the floor. You know this post will bring you joy for years, but how do you save it for easy access?
I’m gonna
Sure, you could screenshot it like a pleb, but then you have to scroll through your ever-increasing folder of selfies to get to it. It’s problematic. 
Or, you could just update your Instagram app and use the brand new bookmark feature they’ve introduced. Yeah m8, just do that aye. The button is at the bottom of each post towards the right. Can’t miss it. 
Once bookmarked, it’ll be stored in your private little stash of joy for you to visit whenever you like. No one else can see your folder and no one will know when you save their shit. 
Source: Instagram.
Photo: Arthur.