The internet is outraged once again, folks. This time, their target is emojis, specifically, Google‘s cheeseburger emoji.

The company began receiving complaints about the digital burger when Twitter user Thomas Baekdal posted an image of their emoji compared to Apple’s. The gripe? Google places the cheese underneath the patty, as opposed to on top.

The tweet even caught the attention of Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, who said they’d “drop everything else” to fix the issue, provided everyone can agree on how it should be.

Good fucking luck, the internet agrees on nothing. It is simply perpetual turmoil. But it’s safe to say the loudest voice is from the ‘bloody fix it’ camp.

Time magazine reckons Google is the only company to put the cheese underneath the meat, with the rest choosing to maintain its optimal melting position on top of the patty.

Whether or not they’ll actually fix it is yet to be seen, but at least all their other emojis are OK… Right?


Image: SpongeBob SquarePants