Here’s Why You Gotta Ditch Yr Luddite Life & Get Up To Date W/ Cool New Tech

We’ve all laughed at our parents or grandparents when it comes to working with the technology that comes second nature to us.

Whether it’s the single finger typing or a total lack of understanding when it comes to voice activation (no Pa, yelling at the phone will not make it work better), it’s a source of amusement for us to see them out of their depth.

But it’s a bit rich to assume that one day we won’t be in the same shoes, whinging that we don’t understand the newfangled devices our grandchildren use on the reg. And now, when our world is so incredibly tech-focused and keen on innovation, it’s all the more important to keep the heck up with new technologies.

Need more convincing?

don’t be this dude (though the beard is cool)

1. Progress is inevitable

Technology has been developing at a rate that is actually so impressive if you take a hot second to think about it. Really, it wasn’t all that long ago (in the grand scheme of things) where we were trotting around in horse-drawn carriages, and now we’re seeing the beginning of self-driving cars.

Technological advancement is absolutely inevitable so it stands to reason that if you want to be a fully fledged member of the modern world, you’re going to have to keep up. And that’s not just by having the latest smartphone – it’s by having an understanding of development and innovation.

No matter what your field, hobbies or lifestyle is, you’re gonna wanna have a solid grasp on the cool stuff coming out of the tech industry – not just to shove it down your weird uncle’s throat at fam dinner, but in order to understand all the advances that come through each year.

you tell ’em, Barry

2. It’ll help you work

The boring ol’ battlecry from folks who catastrophise this kind of development is that technology will ‘replace all our jobs’. And to that, all we have to say is that technology is designed to supplement and streamline work – and with the automation of some jobs comes the creation of entirely new gigs.

As a base example, a few years ago being a social media influencer was NOT considered a viable job. Now, thanks to the massive increase in use, it’s become something that kids aspire to (whether they SHOULD is an entirely different story tbh).

No matter what your industry is, it’s practically guaranteed that you use some kind of technology to work. So rest assured, the more we learn and innovate, the easier your gig is gonna be – which, tbh, we are not remotely opposed to.

me, at all times

3. Your life will be super easy

The entire point of innovation and technology is to improve our lives, so it stands to reason that any continued development is going to exist to make things easier for us all. From digitising paperwork through to automating menial tasks, it’s literally going to change your life – so get with it.

Just ‘coz the change might seem confusing now, doesn’t mean it’s not going to be seriously efficient in the long run. If my grandmother’s reaction to getting a new phone is anything to go by, although everything may a learning curve it’s totally doable to adapt – and now she’s a whiz at texting. Trust me, I get plenty of ’em now. PLENTY.

So with it essentially guaranteed to make your life easier in the long run, there’s very little excuse to not embrace the tech wave. Do you really wanna be left behind on this one, with no digital presence to speak of?

soz but it’s true

If you wanna future-proof your life and your job by having a grip on the ridiculously speedy upgrades and advances in tech, you might wanna consider checking out the courses at Queensland University of Technology (QUT).

These wizards know how to not only train you on current technologies, but also stay ahead of the tide and pre-emptively get you sorted for an inevitable AI and robot uprising.

Because you really don’t wanna wind up being the awkward boomer using a single finger to text an inappropriate LOL from their wrap-case covered smart phone.

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