Microsoft Just Announced A Special Edition Xbox One X & Givvus It

Microsoft today unveiled a Project Scorpio edition Xbox One X at Gamescom in Germany, along with all the juicy pre-order details you’ve been fangin’ for.

For the lesser nerds out there, Project Scorpio was the codename given to the new console when it was first announced last year. People lost their shit over it because, well, it sounds cool as hell. Microsoft get this and as such, made this nifty special edition so the name can live on.

There’s nothing technically different under the hood of this bad boy compared to a regular One X, but it does have “Project Scorpio” printed on the console and its included controller. It also has a rad graphic pattern across its exterior and the packaging is apparently inspired by the original Xbox.

It comes with a vertical stand, too, in case you like to stand your shit up or whatever.

There’s a limited number of these available and you can only get them as part of this pre-order from your local retailer, Microsoft Store or for $649. The console is due for release in November.

The Xbox One X was officially announced at this year’s E3 as the world’s most powerful gaming console, packing 40 percent more power and 60 percent more memory for game developers than any other console. Expect a true 4K gaming experience at a smooth as fuck 60 frames per second.

The best part is you don’t even need a 4K TV to appreciate the boosted graphical quality. Games will run smoother and look better on a 1080p screen thanks to the wonders of supersampling. Read more about that nerd shit below.

Microsoft also announced the Xbox One S Shadow of War bundle today, available in both 500GB ($279) and 1TB ($349) sizes. This drops on October 10.

Happy gaming, nerds.