Does Your Most Used Emoji Accurately Sum Up Your Personality IRL?

emoji personality
Contributor: Tayla Gentle

In today’s day and age, there’s a real art to emoji® usage. We use those little guys to soften critical feedback, exaggerate romantic gestures and really amp up our passive aggression. Like, can you NOT just send me a singular thumbs up?

When used well, your mates should understand the brevity/hilarity of any situation you find yourself in. After all, it’s a language now guys and a bona fide method of conveying emotion. Take the love heart for example, gone are the days of sending a simple heart to your significant bae. Oh no, now there’s a love heart selection. Red is for real love, and only real love. Two little pink hearts? That says ‘this is friendly’ and ‘thanks for the gif of those two puppies’. Green heart? You’re a legit psycho.

Anywho, if we’re using emojis every day as a way to express ourselves then it begs the question – what does your most-used emoji® say about you?

You’re either legit religious and using this emoji® as a real reflection of your dedication to a higher being OR you’re just hella into yoga. I reckon it’s the latter. You’ve got the hots for your Sunday morning vinyasa teacher and are fully guilty of sliding into their DM’s to discuss your practice. You also regularly caption your social media posts with “nama-stay in bed” and find it amusing.

You see the world through rose-coloured glasses, or shall we say heart-shaped eyes. In your bubble, love is everywhere, serendipity is all around, and your soulmate is waiting just around the river bend. You believe that the more love you put out into the digital world, the more you’re going to get back for real. You’re sickly sweet. Your favourite Disney movie is Cinderella.

Personally, I think the world needs to move on from this emoji®. I’ve never been a poop girl, I will never be a poop girl, and I openly judge all poop people but hey, there are humans out there who use this tiny icon on the reg. I just don’t get it. I would, however, bet real money on these people being over-sharers. Poop emoji® users are those people who literally text while taking care of their business and  100 percent Instastory themselves on the throne.

emoji® users who drop this sunglass guy into their texts are just out there living their best lives, completely unapologetically. Whether or not they are actually the coolest person in school is TBD, but I appreciate anyone who uses this emoji® in a self-deprecating manner to highlight their own social awkwardness. You’re a good egg. 

You take care of yourself. You value yourself. You love yourself. Perhaps sometimes a little too much, if we’re being honest. Be careful – you don’t want to find yourself in a Shallow Hal situation. Your regular girls night out is an important calendar event and your second most-used emoji® is the flamenco dancing girl. Your favourite phrase is ‘You do you babe’.

You, dear fireheart, are a super supportive social media friend. You thought your best mate looked like a 10 in their latest instagram so like, fire emoji®. You just heard Drake’s new track and you think it’s rad so here we go, fire emoji. You’re also guilty of using the 100 emoji® and pride yourself on keeping up-to-date with the hip hop world. Occasionally, you use the word ‘dope’.

This is one of my mum’s favourites. Are you my mum? Laughing criers feel everything in a big way. To these people, every joke is the best yet and every video deserves applause. They think all their friends should start a side hustle as comedians. Laughing criers are just down for joy, in a really loud way and their joie de vivre is infectious.

You have definitely gone scuba diving at least once in your life. You sometimes describe turn of events as being ‘peachy keen’. Your either a super relaxed surf rat who would prefer to communicate only via hand signals or you’re the over-enthusiastic dad on school camp yelling ‘Everything is A-O-K!’ You not only ‘ok’ in the digital world but also in real life.  

Emojis, what blessings. We text them, we DM them, hell we can even get them on personalised number plates now. Yep, that’s a real thing – give it a go here. Basically, life is just one big emoji®, and we’re here for it.