WATCH IT: ALDI’s Flogging A 65-Inch Ultra HD Tele For Less Than $800

If you’re in the mood for a both a new 65 inch 4K TV and a bloody good deal, you’ve come to the right place, because ALDI are gonna be flogging one this week.

The German supermarket lords will be selling the huge tele on Saturday the 16th of September for $797 and like all ALDI bargains, you’ll need to battle everyone else to get one in-store on the day.

The Bauhn ultra HD TV comes with a one year warranty, built-in digital tuner and even has PVR functionality, which will allow you to record broadcasts.

Sure, it’s not a name-brand television, so don’t expect it to be as flash as something with a higher price tag, but the general consensus seems to be that the Bauhn is decent enough for what you’re paying.

As far as 4K teles go, it’s definitely a deal worth keeping an eye on, particularly if you plan on getting an Xbox One X or already own a PS4 Pro. Both consoles run games at a native 4K resolution and while you don’t need an ultra HD screen to use them, you’re not really getting the full experience in 1080p.

Happy full-contact shopping!

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