Here’s What A Case For A Foldable Phone Might Look Like If You’re Wondering

The foldable phones are coming, folks, and right now, the new tech will set you back a quite a bit of coin if you’re looking to get in early. Given you’ll be walking around with an incredibly pricey bit of kit in your pocket, a phone case is a must, but how would you even fit a case to such a device?

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For the most part, no one really knows yet, but during its big reveal of the Mate X earlier today, Huawei gave us a brief glimpse of what foldable phone protection might look like. You can see it in the video below.

It looks like one of those wallet-like cases your mum uses on her iPhone, and I’d wager that’s we’ll be seeing with folding phone cases, simply because it’s the easiest solution. It won’t give you much protection while the phone is folded out, but you’re not likely to need it as much in that mode.

Of course, phone case makers will no doubt already be working on more complex solutions, so it’ll be interesting to see how they attack the issue, particularly when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Fold and its extra front display.

The Mate X seems to be the foldable frontrunner at the moment, with an impressive 8-inch foldout display and incredibly complex hinge system. According to those who’ve seen the device up close, it’s the first one to actually feel like a retail phone rather than an impressive tech demo. But it comes at a pretty gnarly cost, starting at €2,299, which converts to an insane $3,647 AUD.

At that price, you’d definitely want something to protect it.