I Can’t Stop Thinking About How Influencer Mirror Selfies Are A Fucking Lie

I was today years old when I discovered that Instagram influencers don’t actually take mirror selfies and oh god, my poor brain cannot handle this.

Mirror selfies are a staple among any hot Instagram influencer’s feed, right? Well, not exactly.

You see, plebs like you and I – who like to cosplay as hot Insta baddies – may use our real mirrors. But as for the *legit* influencers? Absolutely fucking not.

Here, take a gander at this TikTok from influencer Kara Del Toro (no relation to Benicio or Guillermo, that I know of) that explains the whole thing.

“Here’s the secret,” Del Toro says. “There is no mirror.”

@karajewelSecrets bloggers don’t want you to know part 1 #greenscreen #selfie #phototips #blogger #model♬ original sound – Kara Del Toro

So basically, influencers merely use their phone as a prop to make it *look* like they’re taking a mirror selfie. But – in reality – they’re using a second camera and a tripod to take the photo, which is why their mirrors are always smudge-free and somehow in every different room of their house.

No, most influencers aren’t just so self-obsessed that they’ve got mirrors in every room. It turns out, they’re just smarter than us.

Sure, it seems like a huge amount of effort, but if your entire job is to make content, it’s probably worth it to get the ~perfect~ shot. (Disclaimer: making content is also my full-time job but I didn’t put on makeup today and therefore am not subjecting you all to my *weak* selfie game.)

If this has blown your mind, you’re not alone because social media users were quick to let out a communal “what the fuck?!” when they heard the news.


I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this damn phenomenon all day and you bet your sweet ass I’m spending the rest of my afternoon trying to perfect the faux mirror selfie.

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