Dolce & Gabbana Modelled Handbags W/ Drones ‘Cos Walking Is So Last Season

Drones have now become an affordable solution to many of life’s problems, such as taking that essential zoom-out video of you and your friends on the beach. Before drones? Impossible.

Our flying pals have made an impact in almost every industry, and now, they’re being used on the runway. No, not an airport runway, the fashion runway.

I shit you not, folks, fashion house Dolce & Gabbana has used drones to model its new range of handbags at its latest show. According to Fashionista, the audience was told to turn off Wi-Fi and any personal hot spots on their mobile phones prior to kicking off.

The show also started about 45 minutes late, which is easy to understand now that we know they were readying a fleet for about seven drones. Check out some footage of the fly boys below.

Look at them go. Each drone was carrying an expensive-as-fuck handbag from D&G’s Fall Winter 2018/19 collection, and if you ask me, they nailed the look.

After that, regular old human models returned to the show, presumably because a drone carrying an outfit on a coat hanger just wouldn’t have the same effect.

You’re safe for now, models, but as soon as they work out how to make a dress look good with propellors, you’re outta here.