Fantastic News, Gamers: You Can Make The Protagonist In ‘Death Stranding’ Do A Big Piss

Although the apparent trajectory of gaming technology has been for it to become more and more lifelike, it is not necessarily true that the ultimate aim is to perfectly replicate real life. What we want to do in games is not 100% the same as what we want to do in real life — if it was, there would be literally no point to gaming. This is why, for the most part, even games that strive for a pretty complete simulation cut out the boring and tedious parts: You don’t need to wipe your ass in GTA V and Sims 4 doesn’t ask you to meticulously file your Sims’ taxes. I feel like I can probably suspend my disbelief and be fully immersed in a world without having to periodically piss.

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While I still have no idea what the hell kind of game Death Stranding is, I can tell you one thing about it for sure: Hideo Kojima disagrees with me about the necessity of managing a character’s piss. A new gameplay video for the upcoming stealth/action/something game opens with what still somehow manages to be one of the least strange things Death Stranding — protagonist Sam Bridges (voiced by and modelled after Norman Reedus) taking a hefty piss.

The video, released at Gamescom in Cologne on Monday, shows a counter in mL swiftly count down as the camera pivots around Bridges, seemingly trying to get a glimpse of Reedus’ exposed simulated hog — only to be thwarted as the character continually readjusts his position to put his back to be to the camera. It’s pretty strange.

Pictured: It’s incredible what you can do with technology these days.

After a giant and highly intriguing mushroom grows in the spot where Bridges pissed, the character sets off to climb a hill with an enormous ladder that springs from his backpack, deliver a package to a hologram, and comically fall off that very same hill.

If you’re interested in just the live gameplay portion of the demo, you can watch that here:

If you would like to see much, much more, including clips that introduce characters Mama and Deadman and explain a few things that will, frankly, only leave you even more confused, you can watch the full half-hour presentation right here:

Death Stranding, due to be released November 8, has a voice cast that includes directors Guillermo del Toro and Nicolas Winding Refn and actors Mads Mikkelsen and Léa Seydoux and by all accounts will be absolutely fucking insane.