‘Darkborn’ Is A Game That Lets You Play As A Monstrous Little Shit

Darkborn was originally revealed via a short gameplay trailer a couple of years ago, but today, a lengthier cut of in-game footage has been unveiled, showing more of what the upcoming game’s all about.

[jwplayer 2pcUn33b]

Essentially, the idea is that you play a monster out for human blood, but not just because you’re a sick little beasty, but because humans killed your family. It’s a revenge story, baby!

It’s an interesting way of flipping the usual dynamic of you versus monsters on its head, making you question what evil really is. In this situation, it’s very much Norse-like humans and their weird ritualistic sacrifice of monsters.

As you play, your beasty will gather new powers and abilities, allowing you to grow bigger and stronger so you can tear apart more people with an untamed ferocity. Sick.

Get a load of the gameplay footage courtesy of IGN below.

Brutal, huh? It certainly puts an interesting perspective on both gameplay and storytelling. I look forward to ripping some limbs off ancient human assholes when this eventually drops.

Speaking of a release date, there isn’t one just yet, but it seems like it’s at a pretty good place right now. At the very least, I’d say we’ll hear more from the development team at The Outsiders around June, probably at E3.

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